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Stupid Boys Fest Spooktacular!

The Stupid Boys Fest Spooktacular (oh yes, I said "Spooktacular") is now live! Each week you'll see prompts for some of the most terrifying (and comical) monsters including, vampires, zombies, werewolves, and Frankenstein monsters. This time only a small portion of the prompts are from actual books, but we'll let you know from whence we've stolen our inspiration.

Just like the summer version, Stupid Boys Fest Spooktacular! is a festival to celebrate the stupid boys of fandom. The emphasis for this special October mini-fest is on monsters. The official dates of the fest are October 1 through October 31, but if you need to finish up your fics/art in November, we won't scold you for posting late.

stupidboysfest is open to any fandom, any pairing, and any genre. Slash, gen, and het are welcome (for those het entries, just remember you need at least two males in the fanworks).